Spetsnaz Video




Those are some odd/cool looking helmets.

What was that one guy in the beginning doing to his leg?

And I think I'll pass on shooting each other in the chest, even if I am wearing a vest.
I have no idea, maybe he was giving himself surgery lol.

I did like how they used almost an MMA/UFC method to sparring, which means....yeah drawing blood, bruises, and all that happy stuff. Like they say....the more you sweat in peace.....(or in this case, bleed in peace )..
You know that ol' fine line between hard and stupid? :D

Russians are truly some hard motherfuckers. However, they're also not the always the brightest. They're pretty cavalier in their attitudes about themselves, and oftentimes about each other, as in "well...if I die, I die..and if you die, you die"
Heres a Spetznas GRU vid raiding a bus....talk about speed

[ame="http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4972226843835464229&q=Spetsnaz+GRU"]Spetsnaz FSB Russia[/ame]
I agree thath rusians are tough motherfuckers but theese here ,especsially the gui that cut his leg only to represent thath he can do it are stupid motherfuckers.I ve seen all movie , a lot of stypid and useless things are showed
draka out
A, "Yes we killed them all!"

B, "Ah... what do you mean by all exactly?"

A, "Everyone on the bus!"

B, "What about the hostages?"

A, "What about them?"

B, :eek: :doh:
A Russian guy in the army with me said one of the goals of their H2H is to be able to hit 200 times per minute. That keeps you on the defensive, but it's hard to make em count at that speed (let along keep it up for more than 22 seconds, lol). Pretty annoying, though, if it's being done to you.
I've talked with a guy that often traines with Rus SOF, and he sad clearly that these vids are so full of shit ! Kids watch these movies and start bullshitting that "spetsnaz is the best" etc. etc.
This bus - its FSB (former KGB) not GRU. Alpha or Wympiel units...
Using live ammo is now standard mathod of training, used also in Poland (one SWAT - from Wroclaw) and its GREAT. Special bullet - cages are used, and it's very safe way of training , wheny operators are well prepared.
I saw personally train assault exercises in Wroclaw year ago. Impressive

In the full video they show the guy first cutting himself with a knife and then stitching himself up. As for hostages... The Russians are kind of hardlined about that. They have a priority of teaching the Terrorist groups a lesson instead of saving the hostages. They Gassed everyone in that Beslan theatre, killing some of the hostages aswell as the Chechen terrorists.
So I guess you don't want to screw with the Russians.
When it comes to automatic fire. I have gotten under a 12 inch grouping on auto at about 12 feet. That is all 30 rounds on target. So it can be done. But while moving... Not the best way to fire.
Pete - you made a mistake :
This theatre was in Moscow (Dubrovka district). Spetsnaz couldn't use snipers to take out suicide bombers (female ones - Shahiidki or Black Widows), so they use gas. This gas wasn't killing, only made all in there but 123 hostages died (there was 690 ones) because medical staff was't properly deployed [had they recive oxygen just after the assault. they would be alive].
That school was in Bieslan.
And all the troops around were mostly army and police crowd - control units, not to mention armed citizens [hostages' families - all there has a gun not some semi - auto AR-15s but AKs, PKMs, RPGs etc] . Only small 40 - persons element form FSB was deployed.
10 died. Mosty when they tried to evacuate children (many of died had back wounds)

And right, Russians like "hard" (very hard) methods, but they have large experience, and many elements of their tactics is very useful