SureFire ITRC competition.


Verified Military
Dec 4, 2006
I don't know if any of you guys saw this but SureFire's throwing a shooting competition August 21 – 23 for "the real-world extremes of rifle, carbine, and pistol shooting."

It's open to any 2-person team comprised of US military or law
enforcement personnel, legally authorized foreign
military or law enforcement personnel, and private citizens.

I really wish my long gun skills were sharper. This looks like it'd be a blast.
I'd go, but all I have is .308.

All my buddies have punched their shit out to .300 Win Mag, and they tell me a .308 won't penetrate eggshell at that range.:D

Seriously, I'd love to shoot in that thing, but I bet all 40 slots are filled as we type.
I'm really interested in starting to shoot competitively.

Next purchase is a carbine.

I was thinking that we have enough well rounded shooters and athletes here that we should be able to put "Team Shadowspear" at sheet like this.