Swanky Introduction


Nov 11, 2020
Hey fellas. I am a washed-up jock and current wannabe in his mid-twenties who recently left an entry-level project admin job. I've always wanted to serve, but I decided to live life a bit before taking the dive into service. I finished college, got a big boy job, got married, and settled down. Hopefully, I will be able to use that experience for some good. I come into this journey humble and simply wanting to have a positive impact wherever I end up. As of now, I plan on pursuing an 18x contract as I greatly admire the mission set of Army SF and their motto. I also have a transient interest in Navy EOD because those guys sound crazy, but in the best possible way and their job seems to be inherently a selfless endeavor. I also recently read some interesting threads here about opportunities to serve as a SWCC reservist, but based on the general sentiment of the SME's on this forum it doesn't sound like the best option when compared to the NG 18x program.

I have been in touch with a NG recruiter and one of the Team guys at the Group I'm interested in, but I am still trying to decide whether I should go active or Guard. My wife has expressed that she supports me no matter what decision I make. Obviously, there are a lot of benefits to going active such as financial stability, a bonus, and many others I imagine. With that being said, from what I've read here and other places NG guys get a lot of say in their careers and there are opportunities to stay busy. I am super glad to have this resource. There's a lot of great info on this site. Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to contribute. Thanks for your time.

Happy Veteran's Day, and thank you for your service.