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Where do I start?

1st and fore most, be in amazing shape. SWCC Training is 6 months long and is broken down into 2 phases, BCT and CQT. BCT is almost all physical. There is some basic instruction in BCT, but the instructors are trying to get rid of the weaklings in this phase. Lots of running in deep sand, swimming, and tons of pushups and sit-ups. I know some of the instructors in the BCT phase and they love breaking students. They will beat you (what we call PT) all day long if the schedule permits... and sometimes it does.

CQT is advanced training. Here we find out if you're smart enough to do the job. SWCCs learn engineering, combat medicine, weapons & tactics, navigation (both land and sea), advanced radio and satellite communications, and a whole bunch of other stuff that doesn’t belong in a post here. The instructors in CQT expect you to perform well in all of these tasks while under incredible physical and mental stress. They will give you tasks that seem impossible, just to see how you do. But remember, others who have gone before you were able to complete these tasks, so you have no excuse for failure!

In the end, once you finish CQT you will receive the coveted SWCC warfare pin. The last time I checked, only about 30% to 40% of the SWCC students who started training actually survive long enough to get to the end of CQT. And remember, training never ends. You will always be training. If and when you get to your SBT you may be sent to Army Airborne School and Military Free Fall Parachute School. Some go to Ranger School, some go to the Special Operations Medic Course or EMT School. There is so much you have to learn that by the end of your career you might not have gone to every school we have available. I know there were still a few schools I wish I had gone to.

Anyway, hope this helps.



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Oh yeah, one more thing. The most dangerous and deadly environment on earth is the ocean. SWCC’s work and actually thrive in this environment. It takes a special kin of man to drive a tiny little boat into the nighttime ocean with thirty to forty foot seas pounding the life out of you for 12 to 13 hour straight!

Case in point; about three months before I retired I went on a short 3 hour training trip with my Special Boat Detachment. Those three hours turned into five and a half hour of the most excruciating pain of my life. It was as if a 300 pound gorilla was beating the sh*t out of me the whole way. In our two boat formation we broke all but one solid steel weapons mounts. The training cadre representative that was riding with us hurt his back so bad he had to be medivaced to a hospital. When we finally got to where we were spending the night, I peed blood when I went to the bathroom.

A few years back, the Airforce brought out some equipment that they use to test the G-Forces that their fighter pilots sustain while in dogfights. The attached it to an 11 meter RIB and didn’t go one hour before we broke it! The Airforce called NASA, and they sent out some rocket scientists with G- shock measuring equipment used on the space shuttle. We took the NASA scientists out for a 6 hour ride. Their equipment survived, but the next day the lead scientist told us that, if we were astronauts, we would be force to retire. In just one 6 hour trip, our bodies had sustained more G-shocks than an astronaut is allowed to have in his ENTIRE career!

The men in the Special Boat Teams are ruthlessly hard bastards. They have to be. Everyday we climb onto our boats and ride into the most severe and dangerous operational environment known to man (we’ll maybe outerspace is worse). You have to be committed. We make our living counting on the fact that our enemies will never follow us into that hell, or will never suspect that we might come to their shores form that hell.

This is your gut check. How badly do you want it?
I want it real badly, my friend is going into the SEALs and he wants me to go in with him but I really want to be a SWCC. Have you been on any combat missions? If you have what are they like? If you want you can just email it to me because I check this about once every two to three days. My email is clonemarine@netscape.net
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