Syrian escalation


Verified Military
Jan 22, 2010
Standing in the door
The U.S. embassy in Damascus has urged American citizens who are in Syria to leave"immediately" the country, as long as there are commercial flights available. You can read iton the website of the Embassy. The warning marks the escalation of tensions between the two countries this week after Washington announced that Ambassador Robert Ford wouldreturn to Damascus.
NATO is preparing for military intervention on the model of Libya... another round, another gift...

From STRATFOR: NATO could intervene in Syria, but Syria is more complex than Libya. Moreover, a second NATO attack on an Arab state designed to change its government would have unintended consequences, no matter how much the Arabs fear the Iranians at the moment. Wars are unpredictable; they are not the first option.
Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Syrian soldiers of the regular army deserters have fled to Jordan as a civilian: the foreign minister said in Amman, Nasser Judar, mentioned this morning by the pan-Arab daily Al Hayat published in London. "Dozens, perhaps hundreds,of soldiers (Syrians) are officially entered the country as a civilian and not military," saidJudar, speaking at the microphones of the state television of the Hashemite kingdombordering Syria.... :-o