Taylor from New York


Jan 28, 2012
Hello all! I'm (obviously) new to the site and just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm a senior in high school, and have wanted to join the armed forces for about three years now. I looked for a long time into joining through ROTC into either the Air Force or the Army. No offence to the ROTC officers, but about a year ago I decided that to be a excellent Officer, it made sense to me, to first be an excellent NCO. About 5 Months ago I started looking into Special Forces and realized its what I really, truly want to do.

Now, I know tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people "want to be Special Forces" because they want to be whats shown in movies, the A-Team that busts into a country, and walks out after doing ridiculous stuff lol. But, I have a different motive in mind. I would actually like to be on an FID team, and get to, instead of causing tons of destruction, help other countries.

I understand SpecOps is a long shot, and I've done a ton of research on the subject. In joining this site i'm hoping to meet people who can help me or even motivate me in any way they see fit.

Sorry this intro was so long, but thank you for taking time to read it. :)
Welcome to the site. It is not necessary for you to be prior-service enlisted in order to be a good officer. In some cases it is good, in some cases it doesn't work out so well. I congratulate you on your decision to serve.
Thank you all for making me feel welcome:D and for all asking, i'm from Orange County
Marauder06 thank you, i'm hoping i'm one of the ones that 'works out' ;)
SgtUSMC8541 well, i'm a southern boy, so New Yawk is about right lol