Technological Hazard


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Sep 4, 2008
However, it must be noted that technological innovation can bring its own hazards, particularly for SOF missions. In one instance, a US SOF operator in Afghanistan typed in the GPS coordinates of a target into his laptop, but had to change the battery before relaying information; because of a software glitch, with the new battery installed, the laptop gave the SOF operators own position as the target to a circling US fighter, resulting in a tragic instance of fratricide.

Not Many Jobs Take a Whole Army

Does anyone here know anything more about the above incident?
Some time ago, and I think the guy was Canadian. The battery change reset the co-ordinates to home, i.e; his location.
Have to wonder what conditions this warrior was operating in.

Probably worn out, not much sleep, low calories, freezing his nuts off, extreme stress in an environment less than friendly. Even then, sounds like he did everything right, except double check the grid he was sending after changing batteries.
God damn computers. When they don't work they are unforgiving.

That's the truth.

Anyone remember that incident in which an underwater fiber optic cable was damaged by a tanker off the coast of Egypt?

That was a nightmare while I was in Afghanistan-- complete communication blackout.

Never felt so blind and deaf in my life. Today's computer technology is a vital necessity, especially in a combat zone as most of us know..