Thanks for letting me just be among The Heros.

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Jul 28, 2010
Hi all,

I'm not a Marine or in any other branch of the US Armed forces, but I am the VPD of two young men that are my personal Heros. My Oldest Son is an 11 in BRC at CP now, and my younger son is a Poolee waiting to grad High School in May of '11 and has a ship date next summer. Words cannot express the range of emotions we have had over the last year. Pride being foremost and some worry thrown in for good measure.

That is what brings me here. My Marine has wanted Recon since he was 6 (not the gamer or gung ho type....just a tough skinny Texas kid that stayed in the woods and kept quite). My Poolee wants to be a dog handler...( he gets along with dogs better than people anyway....his words not mine).

I have been "lurking" here for a few weeks and have grown to really enjoy the "candor and conviction" that is expressed here. My son is one of the ones that went from SOI to MART (for 2 weeks) and straight to BRC. He said MART and BRC are what he expected SOI to be. He was really suprised at how easy SOI was. Oh yeah he has developed a DEEP and ABIDING HATRED for something called a shitbird:p::p:. lol

Thanks for serving and thanks for letting me just "Walk among the Heros",
The old adage a nut doesn't fall far from the tree tells me a lot about the parents that raised these young men.
Thanks for the greetings. Just heard from my "Stud" tonight, he is so happy....sore as hell but happy. Something tells me he won't be so happy the last week of BRC, until after it's over.

Our prayers are with you all.
Not open for further replies.