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Feb 8, 2007
Land of Swine and Maple Syrup
Welcome to The Counter-Terrorism Page

Since 1995 The Counter-Terrorism Page has been a resource to those studying Terrorism. Our approach is to be free from hyperbole and hype, and focused on presenting the tools and information that is sought by professionals and academics.

Unaffiliated with any government or NGO, we attempt to provide a balanced resource. The only objective is to provide an environment that stimulates a spirited, thoughtful, and balanced context to examine terrorism. Not to point out the virtues or failings of any individual or group.

The site has just undergone a complete re-design. It now includes an improved interface and additional resources that will evolve with the input of the site's members and users.

Please come by and visit our Discussion Forums, or vote in our weekly poll of terrorism related issues.

Ultimately, the site is about providing resources to those that are interested in development of policies and other strategies for addressing Terrorism and other violent political action.

Very good free resource site.