The Home Buying / Selling Thread

Hmm, bought my first house in 2000, my second in 2011. Been building out of pocket for the past 3 yrs (yeah divorce and beer has cut into my building money). But my property and home build is probably the best investment I have ever made. I'm probably $160k out of pocket, this years tax evaluation was $385k (uncompleted). That said, things will shift as the housing market has always been up and down. Land values always go up, homes roller-coaster.

Personal advice, buy land and build. Buy in a state that offers homestead and or tax breaks for veterans. I pay zero taxes property in Texas. In the long term, your labor, costs and out of pocket losses will pay off greatly. I am not saying cash in all savings and or live like a hobo for years on end, but if you can it will pay off way more in the end (double/triple) your investment.

FYI: That wasn't an invite to Texas, enough of you outsiders running around here as it is...😋
A psych nurse practitioner making $170,000, in response to @TLDR20 comment about having a getting a good money job, is high cotton. Most nursing specialties can't sniff that kind of money. Even other nurse practitioners.

Me, my desire to teach and enrich the minds of nurses puts me at the bottom wrung on the ladder of graduate school nursing salaries.
I wasnt knocking $170k at all....I have to sell alot of plasma on Liberty Blvd to make that kinda cabbage. I'm sorry I 1000% worded it wrong. it should Have simply asked would $170k be alot in your area, from my limited trips up there it seems expensive. But @TLDR20 answered That. Many thanks!!!
Sold the Colorado house to an, no closing costs, came away with what I expected had I listed conventionally and had repairs, commissions and closing costs to pay for...down to one mortgage...I'd jump up and down and celebrate, but this trailer ain't gonna load itself...
I love it when you talk about getting rid of mortgages. 💋
We just moved into our first post-retirement home in a little town just outside of West Point's front gate. Because of the turmoil in the moving business, and the proximity to our on-post house, we decided to do a partial "do it yourself" (DITY) move. If I understand correctly, we stand to make about $12 pre-taxes over taking a couple of UHaul loads over to the new place ourselves. Not bad for a weekend's work.
We did our first walk through on our new house today! @Marauder06 I was able to schedule our preferred moving company a few weeks ago for a weekday (which we wanted). They told me when I called that the entire month of June is booked out and we were lucky we wanted to move on a weekday because all of the weekends in July were already booked as well. Good thing I called when I did!
Not happening here. Still seeing bidding wars.
Sold my place in CO in late June...made out okay, but if I had closed a couple weeks earlier, the difference would have been $50k...considering I sold for what I would have been paid in January, I did okay. Values spiked briefly after the first of the year, but came back down as interest rates rose. Inventory is still a bit tight.