The Illegal Drug Discussion Thread

If you're in prison on federal drug charges, it's highly unlikely you're there as a result of simple marijuana possession unless you've had a couple previous convictions. This pandering election-cycle move should impact tens of people.

I've currently got 3 inmates on my work detail that are in for possession.

They're all 20ish year old native kids who got picked up on the rez.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case for the majority of convictions that will be pardoned.
I was just about to come share this.

Honestly, I'm surprised he's doing this, it seemed like something old Joe would keep fighting against. I was expecting we'd have to wait for a younger dem or a pro-weed Republican to be elected.

It's not full legalization yet, but if they change the scheduling that'll be a major step in that direction.

I'm not surprised. I think it was going to happen this term, but the timing makes sense. With the mid terms looming and the Dems likely to lose the House he's probably trying to mitigate that by making changes that most Americans want while taking the credit and Heismaning any culpability for his role in making it such a negative legal impact over the last three decades.