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Aug 20, 2011
Camp Pendleton
Hello Gents,
I am currently serving in the Marine Corps as a 0311 with LAR Btn. I will be attending MARSOC's A&S this fall and plan on getting selected to serve as a Critical Skills Operator (CSO). I come here humbled and with the eagerness to learn as much as possible. I am looking for any info, help, tips and tricks. I appreciate the knowledge everyone passes here, one day I shall be able to do the same. On another note if you’re wondering where the name xWODWARRIORx came from, its because I’m a hardcore crossfitter
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Nice intro, welcome to the site. I hope you find your time with us well spent.
Welcome to SS, Marine. Thank you for your service. Good luck with A&S.
Thank you, I have no doubt that I will. Is there any place you recommend for me to start looking, besides the "new beginner" info thread? thanks

The search button is your friend, start looking there.

Self Guidance, self discipline and self reliance are key items in the SOF toolbox... don't be that guy that asks others to do his work/research... None of the answers you are looking for are intentionally hidden, but they may be covered by dirt, dust and detrius...

That said, good luck and welcome.
Not open for further replies.