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Jul 20, 2010
Well, I'm currently deployed in lovely Baghdad right now, and most of you know, down time=thinking. And boy have I been doing alot of it!. So, this is what I've got, I've been an 11Bravo since day one (2003), joined the Nasty Guard when I was 17, I bought into the whole be a part time soldier and go to school for free! Well, for the most part I really havn't gone to school and I pretty much fell inlove with the military and try be on orders more than actually being part time. This time last year my 1st 6 year contract ended and I renenlisted for another 6 years. Throughout my time in the guard I have truely disliked being part of my guard unit (love/hate) 1.) it is too laid back for me 2.) command never has a clue of what is going on 3.) since day one, I know what they say never volunteer for anything, but I do I volunteer for everything, but when it comes down to going to schools or skill schools, if you aren't a fresh Lt. out of OCS or ROTC, or someone's realative/fishing-hunting buddy you're constantly told that there isn't money to go and then months later see someone coming back to the unit with a new skill badge or certification.

So, here I am, an e-5 with nothing holding me back at home to stop me from following my heart, dreams and desires. I've done a lot of careful thinking and self evaluations and I want to get out of the guard and go active to be part of the best units in the world. So, any suggestions as to what I need to prepare myself for to go to Pre-sfas and such. I would greatly appreciate it.
Welcome to the site. It sounds like you have a good goal, and just need a plan to achieve it. Best wishes with making it to the regular army!
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