Review The Pentagon's Brain by Annie Jacobsen


SOF Support
Sep 8, 2006
As always Mrs. Jacobsen has cranked out a great book. Her research and interviews are solid. While she delves into some of the more interesting things DARPA has worked on, it isn't lurid or "click-bait" so to speak.

She chronicles DARPA's history starting with early atomic testing through the GWOT. Obviously there is a lot she can't or won't write about, but what she can is fascinating. DARPA played a pretty major role in shaping Vietnam including the Pentagon's adoption of the M-16 and Project AGILE. AGILE would go on to produce programs of varying success including some such as defoliation which are quite controversial.

The Internet is of course well known and the refinement of stealth wasn't an all Lockheed Martin venture. In modern times, a number of counter IED methods were developed or championed by DARPA. One program involves as @TLDR20 mentioned elsewhere, skin and brain implants to target healing and performance improvements in the human body.

A great bit of little known but world changing history, the book is well written and worth your time if you want to history- or tech-nerd out.