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Apr 28, 2023
I am an artist working on a very specific project. I've been working on this for quite a while now. I have realized I need input which I cannot get from books. I've bought several. While some are informative, I am just not getting the information I need. That can only come form those who have been in actual combat situations. The project I am working on is fictional. I am going to have to guess about somethings just because of the nature of the project. I need actual accounts of things to flesh out the narrative giving it a realistic feel.

I literally am a starving artist so I cannot compensate with money right now. I don't like to be cheated, so I don't cheat. Information has value. Anyone willing to work on a contingency basis is what I need. Basically, if I get paid, you get paid. The project is multifaceted. It will be literary, digital and visual. I am writing a narrative which may or may not become a book of some sort. I know I will definitely have some sort of legendarium and a sort of dictionary or glossary, maybe both. I will have visual depictions of characters besides the obvious digital manifestations. If I can afford it, I'd like to also do 3-D pieces as well.

I have a very interesting idea with a twist of an old idea. Most projects of this kind are old ideas. Wars and conflict are as old as mankind. If there is anyone that would like to work with me, I'll share more of what it really is. Pardon my paranoia but projects of this sort can be stolen or sidetracked very quickly.

What I have is 9 characters initially. I know what they look like. I know their personalities. I know their abilities. I just need a realistic scenario in which to set them. I have an idea of the overall situation. I've modified that several times due to current events. I initially had a timeline with a starting point of 2058. That may have to be revisited. Input on that would also be helpful.

What I think I need and what I actually need maybe different and will be influenced by the input. I think I need a special ops guy. It doesn't make much difference which branch. I wouldn't think it would. That may be the first hurdle to cross. I have a nephew in the Air Force. He is in engineering. So he is in the rear. While his input will help on the periphery. It isn't germane to the central narrative. Everyone else I know that was military are all gone. That would be family members. My dad was in the Navy. My mother's only brother was a career Navy man. He was in the Navy for 33 years. Every one of my uncles was in the service. That was WW2 though and everyone was in the service.

I need guys familiar with covert missions and tactics. Preferably those heavy on Intel gathering. Now, if I'm in the wrong place just tell me and I'll delete the account. I don't mean to upset anyone. I'm not doing anything untoward. I just really need the help. I can go full fiction on this. I'd just rather it be real as it can be.

Any help out there?
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