The RAND Organization


SOF Support
Sep 8, 2006
I'd definitely say that I often times do not agree with there conclusions based on the method that they come about them. Plenty of times they have steered decision makers the wrong way in situations of threat finance and counter insurgency.

I'd read what they have to say, but I personally would never source from them.
Used it in the past and it's interesting. Sometimes obscure but there are topics related to here. But the annual hoe handle production report and it's implications on Sub Saharan Africa is a bit of a waste of effort.
I like them as one piece of a picture. They do produce some interesting stuff but you have to take them like any think tank- with a big pinch of salt.
It's frustrating when you have some officer tell you "Well RAND says this..." and you have to explain to them that their methods of coming to conclusions is often times wholly based on statistics and not proper analysis. Lack of message traffic does not equal lack of activity in my opinion.
I use RAND often they're frequently cited in my classes and in reports I read. I've never had any problem with what they've written.