There are FNGs then there are OFGs


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Jan 11, 2020
What’s a rode hard, put up wet, OFG doing back on the NET with the young guys. My son just joined the ranks of Operators and our discussions made me realize that old dogs still have things to contribute (although he should have let me give him some pointer before going to SERE TNG green). I pulled out my old Ranger handbook which was put together before word processors and laser printers, to send to him while he was patrolling and I realized that while I had the info in an ancient format, the same principles still apply. I enjoyed the story he told about emplacing claymores and I ask him if he read the instructions printed on the device 8-)? He got a kick out of me thinking that the claymore should have stronger legs! It is Pretty special that a dad can discuss in great detail the power of such a device, with his son. Most people would go to jail for less. I shared with him that at one point in my career I was an instructor in Texas teaching operator medics how to place nerve blocks in austere conditions. Numb extremities beat morphine or fentanyl any day when it comes to making sure a Team member can still shoot move and communicate. So if this group is willing to have an old guy OFG lurking in the shadows and one that isn’t afraid To call BS on a topic then I would like to join and participate.
Welcome and best of luck to your son!

Selfishly , the best part of him embracing all that sucks is the BS he was fed when I was away from home. He now considers the stories to be just that..BS. I don’t know if it is good or insane but after his graduation he texted me one night and said, “I am glad we finally have the Father /Son relationship I have always wanted.” I guess only in the context of like minded men, can taking out bad guys and saving soldiers lives can that be considered a sound Father / Son Relationship.