Things heating up for Kiwi troops in Bamyan


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Jul 26, 2008
A New Zealand military patrol in Afghanistan has escaped a bomb attack, suffering no casualties, the Defence Force says.

The attack with an IED (improvised explosive device) is the latest move in escalating violence in war-torn Afghanistan, which is heading to national elections in August.

Last week the New Zealanders were involved in a 15-minute gun battle.

New Zealand has around 140 Army, Navy and Air Force personnel as part of a Provincial Reconstruction Team operating in Bamiyan Province.

North-west of the capital Kabul it has been regarded as much quieter than the south and east of the country.

The New Zealand Defence Force said the patrol cleared the area of immediate threat and withdrew to a secure base at a local township.

How the device was initiated or who was responsible is being investigated.

Last week in nearby Do Abe, 50km from Kiwi Base, the team was involved in a night-time gun battle with a group of insurgents.

No one was hurt.

Last year New Zealanders were caught in a roadside bomb explosion but no one was injured.

In 2004 a New Zealand Special Air Services unit, working with Nato forces, was caught in a fierce gun battle.

Corporal Willie Apiata was later awarded a Victoria Cross for rescuing another New Zealander under fire.

Now I know this aint jack shit compared to a quiet Sunday afternoon in Helmand but this area has been very passive since the liberation began. It's a nice sign that the public/Govt hasn't called for a pull out but the whole thing has been sort of overshadowed by some kiddy fiddlers black twisted heart giving out and his evil corrupted soul being dragged into the pits of hell by Satan's minions.

We'll see what happens if god forbids someone is KIA, they didn't cry when it happened in Timor but that was a different place. Rumor has it two F-18s came in for a show of force after the contact, which was nice of you guys to send ;)

Hopefully someone grows some balls and we send the Group back in with a Battlegroup in support this time.
With big infantry moving into Helmand and busier AOs, more of those "quiet" areas may start lighting up. Insurgents are like water...they'll take the path of least resistance. A 15-min contact is nothing to sneeze at. Glad to hear no casualties among the good guys.