Thinking Red : I'm outta here!!!


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SOF Support
Sep 4, 2008
Somewhere in the IRQ
Ok gang... I'm outta here. I leave for Ft. Dix, NJ on 13 DEC 08, to prepare for movement to the IZ.

Gonna be a good mission... I have some very good HUMINT collectors working for me, and should be pretty easy going. This is my first deployment with a conventional BCT (Stryker) so, case of beer!!!

Drop me a PM if you wanna be on my email list. I plan on doing some non-opsec violating updates, every now and again. This is deployment #4 for me... but, as stated, first with a conventional fighting force.

Wish me luck Mates!!!

I got all of my shots today... Yellow Fever, Typhoid Fever, HEP A, Flu, Anthrax, PPD and HIV draw.

Smallpox vaccine after Christmas Exodus.

I am 1SG over the "Warrior" company, and what a pain in the ass it is. Oh well. Nothing I can't handle...

Being a 1SG over a "Warrior Transition Company" has got to be the biggest challange of my career. I have an assortment of NG / AR / IRR soldiers, both Officers and Enlisted that I am overseeing. What a challenge!!! But, we are clicking, we are forming, and I am mentoring. I sleep well at night...
I was a 1SG for almost five years. Best job I ever had. Passing on the knowledge is key. Keep your temper but don't be afraid to apply boot to ass - regardless of the rank.

Have fun!