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Dec 26, 2007
Anyone here else a member of Intelst? If you aren't, I highly recommend you sign up. LTC(RET) Holden has linked together some very smart people.

Once you email LTC H and have him add you to the distro, you'll start getting emails- about 30 per day. Topics are anything related to Intel: R&D, Politics (policy), Doctrine, tactical, strat... Who starts these discussions? You do, if you want. Or you can sit back and read, like me and 99% of the other folks do.
About 20% of the emails are members just asking for help. An example:

Hey, I'm headed to Baghdad as a Logistics BN S2. I was wondering if anyone had any products that could help me understand what my commander will be walking into.

2LT Smith

Soon after, 10 people have responded to the request. And no "Hey stupid, why don't you be more specific."

Here's more official and eloquent info from LTC H himeself:
I signed up for this and immediately had 13 messages in my inbox.

thanks for the info.
I'm told that you can find some good stuff there, but you still get the "other" stuff - from folks who just feel like they have to post.
Seems to mostly be clogging my AKO now! Maybe some interesting stuff will pop up.
I set up a folder on my Outlook offline because I was constantly getting bombarded. I still haven't had the neccessary time to go through any of it. Hopefully I'll be able to later.
There's a pretty interesting thread on the Iran upheaval going on now. I like some of the parrallels being made to the United States and the possibility of it here in our own Country.

At least I dont fell like as much of an idiot for my own personal assesments.
It would be nice if the longer posts had a BLUF para. Too much info is a quick road to the delete button.
I found the "Digest" option so I just get one email a day. Much more manageable.
Yes, do tell. Some posters have keyboard diarhea. I don't need an email that says, "Yes, that's what I thought also. I'm validating my existence by posting a response that shares nothing with the group other than the knowledge that I read the last post. I hope some of the better analysts reading this don't deduce that I don't have a real job or am not currently giving the necessary attention to my duties by the number and length of my posts on this server." Or at least that's what I read.

And how many posts about Dead Sea Kiosks? Jesus...
Yeah some of the shit that gets posted in there is embarassing. Like the cat who said that every patrol that goes outside the wire should be put together based on IQ tests. Moobob, give us what we need!
Send a command message to the list server at LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ARMY.PENTAGON.MIL and put as the ONLY text of the message (no subject is required) any one
of the following commands


...You can just click on the link in the list server's reply message, or reply back with a message of "ok" and hit send.
SET INTELST NOMAIL (stop all messages, regardless of individual, digest,
or index) SET INTELST MAIL (start messages again) SET INTELST DIGEST
(change to the once-a-day digest) SET INTELST NODIGEST (return to
individual messages) SET INTELST INDEX (change to the once-a-day index)
SET INTELST NOINDEX (return to individual messages) INFO REFCARD (will
give you a reference card email of the commands.) QUERY INTELST (will
return your current INTELST settings) REVIEW INTELST BY NAME (will
return, in alphabetical order, all the names of those subscribed to the
INTELST.) REVIEW INTELST (will return, in server order, all the names of
those subscribed to the INTELST.) SIGNOFF INTELST (will unsubscribe you
from the INTELST list.)
FYI I think the INDEX mode might be a little better, but I haven't tried it.