Timepiece question for the ladies...

Frank S.

L'homme qui rit
Sep 28, 2006
The Mountains of Madness
I'm having a bit of hard time finding an outdoor watch for the wife that wouldn't be:
- too bulky
- pink
- cutesy like hello kitty shit
- overly pricey

But would have:
- compass
- altimeter
- barometer

Dear Abby, does such a thing even exist? The wedding anniversary's coming up, I'd like to retain what cojones I have left.
To be honest, no. If you are looking for a smaller one, don't try to buy online without first seeing it. I've been looking since November for one and have yet to find one. RP wears a Suunto Vector and I may end up getting one, but it is anything but small.
I'm not a wife... but mine is very cool and tech...



P.S. Hey Frank, a rich man like you should spend so much on his wife.. LOL(in Italy 429 EUR) I bet in USA half price...
~$300 and almost 2 inches across, not quite the size for a womens wrist. I think there used to be a Baby-G model that might fit the bill, but I can't find it right now.
First off, thanks all for the input. Watches and shoes are two of several items I'd never consider buying online: gotta be able to feel and try it on, gauge the workmanship and so on...
I've got a Timex Expedition which I like, although let's face it, I bought it 'cuz it's cheaper than the Pathfinder and does what I need.
I'd just like to treat her to something better. Far as the appearance of it, she's the kind who likes the more rugged type gear. Even going out to town, she's embarrassingly close to the Reba McEntire character in "Tremors", so I'm leaning towards a Pathfinder again. I just may have to expand the search radius because in and around San Francisco, the selection's mostly fitness watches and limited as far as outdoors timepieces...

Bill, it's been only 8 years so far (been living in sin longer, but ya know how it goes). Dame, cheers for the linkie. Again, thanks all!
Hit up REI? They usually have a lot of options and knowledgeable staff.

I was going to suggest a Suunto or Garmin (forerunner or foretrex), but I think those are going to be kind of big since you are looking for the altimeter and barometer functions. I don't believe the forerunner has all of your preferred option either...
Stopped by REI (limited choices) and Bestbuy (only fitness watches), but these were SF stores, so I'll look at Peninsula locations, too...
Now she threw me a curve ball, saying she was now looking at this:

That thing doesn't even tell time...
You know how it is: the closest Cabela's is in Reno and Bass Pro Shop is in Manteca, about 75 miles away... On the other hand, the Bass Pro Shop site gave me an idea (Columbia watch)...
F.M., Invicta's prices are right but not yet seeing all the functions I'm looking for. I'm still thinking about a Casio Pathfinder in size extra-Asian...
I'm not a fan of the Casio Pathfinder... the compass accuracy is worse than a GI Lensatic, which is around half as accurate as a Vector... plus my solar recharging one shit the bed, you can't find new bands if it breaks because it uses a fucked up reverse anchoring system compared to say a suunto unit, or any other watch for that matter.. and they're less common.