Two more Navy officers fired

These firings also get a lot of attention on (the News section). The internet comments are the most interesting and mostly vitrolic. Many an anonymous comment-maker, identifying themselves as former or current Navy, state that a "stalinist" purge is happening. Many blamed ADM Mullen, and more than a few blame the current President. Other comments also state how the Navy is becoming "too-PC". This was especially prevelant when a Commander was relieved over in-ship "motivational" videos.

I have never served in the Navy, I have no idea how the Navy works. However, I doubt a systematic purge could be happening without someone blowing the whistle on the firings. If there is a driving force behind changing the culture, the command, or the leadership that is based on fraudelent or erroneous reasons, someone would know about it and talk about it. I don't believe this is all happening without merit. But that's my opinion from the outside.

A lot of the press releases state that the firings are over things such as DUIs, adultery, inappropriate relationships, fraternization, etc. One of the most compelling reasons to me though is "loss of confidence in their command." This is sometimes event based, i.e. running a ship aground or into a buoy or into another ship. More compelling is the survey-based sacking, i.e.
Hoey’s firing echoes that of Capt. Marcia “Kim” Lyons, who was relieved as commander of Naval Health Clinic New England on April 6 after similar issues were identified in an annual command climate survey.

I can't assume a lot and I feel bad for the commanders who may have been unjustly firsted but I find a silver lining by the fact that someone, in at least the Navy, actually reads those command climate surveys and then acts on the information provided.
There was an interesting post by a 30 year sub vet. His comments were back when he was enlist his first couple commanders had 20+ years in before they got there first boat command. Now days he was saying people are getting commands with half the years and being on half the number of boat assignments. In other words less proven leaders. Thought those were very insightful remarks.

Cleaning out the problems is only half the problem though, you have to fix the system that produced them as well.
I haven't looked at it very closely, but my sense is that the vast majority of the sacking were justified. The commander who made the "motivational video" got what he deserved, IMO. We talk a lot about "toxic commanders" in the Army, but I can't help but thinking that maybe the Navy is doing something about it.