US Air Force Countersniper School (Very Basic Info)


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Sep 7, 2006
New Yawk
The Air Force Countersniper School at Camp Joseph T. Robinson in Arkansas. The 15-day course, taught at the National Guard Marksmanship Center, gives security forces a boot camp on countersniper tactics and procedures. It also introduces them to the life of one of their key adversaries — the military sniper.
Thats funny i was down at army sniper school at Camp Robinson where they hold theirs. We had barracks straight across from one another. I know their course is so short that its a wonder if they learn anything. Then again i don't think they profess to be snipers. They are defensive marksman for their airbases. That being said im going to the inter service sniper competition in about a week and they invited a few CPEC teams!!! yay!!! hopefully we show them up, if not i might as well drop out to a recon platoon.