US Navy sailor screams obscenities about Commander in Chief while in uniform

I have to believe the U.S. Navy will not be amused by this....

Oh. My. God. I hope they kick her out based on her body language, how many times she puts her finger in people's faces, including an elderly man, not wearing her mask, not wearing her cover, and failing to use her blinker when re-entering traffic. What a total embarrassment.

She actually puts her hands on the person of one guy, as she crosses in front of the people and he passes her.

I hope she gets identified, busted down and kicked out.

She's essentially doing the opposite of crowd control. There is absolutely no reason. No reason in the world. She has no business interacting with these civilians.
Well, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is about as portly...
I saw that walking around Best Ranger last year. He looks decent in all of his “remeber I’m watching you” photos that hang in every building across the DoD.... then you see him in person and... yeah, the Sir is looking rough.

I just want to say fuck this chick, and fuck the people who have the time to stand outside and rally. Get a job Boomers, and go hit the pool or the track PO3 Big Bertha...
If that sailor is aboard Naval Base Pt Hueneme as a member of 30th Construction Regiment she's about to have a whole lot of problems. I don't know about the flyboys at Pt Mugu, but the Seabees tend to act much differently from working with them in the past.
Sigh. The worst invention ever was the smallest, most clear recording device, issued to the masses.

This is just not ok. I don't care what your personal feelings are; you put that aside when you put the uniform on.
Absolutely, when volunteering to wear the uniform you are volunteering to alter your status as an American citizen. When you take your oath you give up the right to do some of the things you vowed to protect.
Article 88, Article 133, Article 134, take your pick. I smell some UCMJ in that NCO's future.

Doesn't 88 only apply to commissioned officers?

ETA: I didn't see the rank.
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