USSF 18x (Potential Candidate)


Oct 25, 2018
I have done a sizeable amount of research into USSOCOM units that would allow me to both utilize the skills I currently possess (BS in ComSci from University of San Diego, MS in Information Security and Pentesting from UT-Austin, fluent in three languages and in above-average physical condition) and would allow me to gain new skills in my fields of interest. I also am drawn in by the motto De Opresso Liber, and having grown up in a minority Arab-Catholic community in the U.S. that specific phrase resonates through my very existence like a drum beat that explodes to the surface whenever I think about the shit my people had to go through at the hands of Islamic terrorism, civil war and third-party meddling. Certainly, I would say Syria and I*****, as well as Iran, are certainly oppressing many Arab and Phoenician communities in the Levant and I hope to one day help freedom fighters from said area, or a facsimile of such peoples.

I can do 90 pushups in two minutes, 85 sit-ups in two minutes, and I can run two miles in <13 minutes. As an aside, I can do 18 pull-ups in a row, can bench 265 5x (6'0, 178 lbs), I swim and bike regularly and I have a 33" vertical leap with a 5:54 personal-best mile time. I understand that despite those numbers being great for the civilian world, I would not cut it in SF. I'm looking to get the PU and SU numbers to over 100, and get the two mile run to under 12 minutes if possible.


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Oct 22, 2012
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Keep training, but be smart and don't injure yourself.

I would start doing some rucking. Nothing too crazy, you'll get that when you join, but enough to get accustomed to wearing a ruck.

Good luck.