Feb 25, 2009

Well as of this weekend I am no longer a rifle-virgin haha.

My buddy invited me out to shoot one of his AR15's and his Acc. Int'l .308 AW.

First time out and it was a 500 yard range out in the country.

I shot both rifles with and without suppressors.

One thing I have to get used to on the AW is using the bag of sand for elevation change.

I think I did pretty well for never shooting a rifle before.

Even managed to hit a 500 yard target with the AR15. I think its about 3' by 3' using a red dot lol. But the only ammo we had that could make it that far was some special 77 grain 5.56 that he was given. :eek:

Next time I'll bring out some paper targets. All they had up was steel.
Anyways. I had a blast! :)
lol. Sorry about that.

w00t = Hell yeah! (well thats what it means to me haha)

Also, thanks! :D
w00t is geek short for, "Wow! Loot!"

It originated in role playing games.
You are all missing the most important part.

I believe the operative phrases here are "I am no longer a rifle-virgin" and "First time out" and "I shot both rifles with and without suppressors"

Basic beer math:

First time with AR-15 w/o can + first time with AR-15 w/ can + first time with AI w/o can + first time with AI w/ can = LateApex owes 4 cases of beer.

w00t started out as a hackers term for gaining ROOT access to a computer. (if you don't know what root is, google it).

Now it is a term used to show excitement or happiness! Like HOT DAMN!!!

Now w0t for the car/motorcycle enthusiast means - Wide Open Throttle which evolved from w00t but for on-line forums for speed junkies.

POP'ed that cherry! Good for you!!!! Fun ain't it! Some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!
Yea I am definitely planning on going back out ASAP! As well as, buying my own AR-15 in the next couple months.

Id like to put one together from scratch but it looks like all the decent parts are sold out and/or on back order.