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Feb 23, 2011
Hello all.

Just found this site recently. Excellent forum setup.

Little bit about me. I'm originally from Alabama. Spent a few years working for Chrysler as a mechanic/parts guy. Went to school for a little while for Mechanical Engineering. Found out that I hate math (after calc I) and decided to join the Air Force. Currently active duty Weather guy stationed out at Sembach-Kaserne in Germany. Initially I wanted to be Combat Weather, but joined during the transition to the new SOWT pipeline so my recruiter was unaware (unfortunately I was too) that I could go straight in. So now my intentions are to crosstrain into SOWT when my PCS time comes up and possibly commission as I should have my degree before I leave here. But I still don't have a lot of information about commissioning in SOF after being enlisted.

Running, swimming, and training are what I do in my free time if I'm not under the hood of a car. One of my friends and class mates in tech school was one of the two through the new pipeline so I got to spend 7 1/2 months hearing about the ass kickings he got on a daily basis. Can't wait.

Glad to be a part of this community and hope to join the ranks of SOF in time.
Thanks and God Bless.
Welcome to the site. Where in Alabama?

I don't know how it works in the Air Force but in the Army you can't go straight into SOF as your first assignment after getting commissioned (general rule, I've seen exceptions). Air Force could be different, a lot of it will depend upon what career field you get upon commissioning. Which ones are you considering?
Go enlisted SOWT first; the number of officer slots is miniscule, so having enlisted time will give you a leg up.
Marauder06-STO/CRO are entry level officer career fields. SOWT O's with prior enlisted SOWT time can apply for an assignment to 10CWS.
Yes, thanks SOWT. That was the direction I intended on going, but due to the size of the career field no one seems to have any information.

Thanks for the welcome all
Welcome Weather person. Opps did you get your name from "Subterranean Home Sick Blues" by Bob Dillon?

Opps sorry a old joke. :) you can blame it on LL, she is a trouble maker of the first degree. On her off hours she shoot down weather balloons, pours water into rain collection container at weather stations and even recalibrates the thermometers. She does all of that to keep Californians out of the Pacific North Dry, ... err I mean Pacific Northwet.