Winds of war in the Balkans


Verified Military
Jun 30, 2015
Long Island New York
Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić warned in a broadcast speech that Kosovo plans to occupy additional territories from Serbia and said that his country would not allow this.
Vucic, who is expected to address the nation in a special speech soon, warned that "Serbia is in the most tense situation it has ever been in regarding the Kosovo issue. The situation for our people in Kosovo is dangerous and complex," said the president, referring to the ethnic Serbs of Kosovo.
Vucic threatened military action and said: "I tell you, if the Kosovars are not interested in keeping the peace, Serbia will win. The regime in Sarajevo is taking advantage of the mood in the world and is playing the card of opposition to Putin."
In the meantime, alarms were sounded in the settlements of northern Serbia, including the city of Mitrovica, which is divided into an area administered by Serbia and an area under the rule of Pristina.
The reason for the alarms is not yet known, but there is a fear of a violent flare-up in the border areas.
Recently, Serbia has escalated its rhetoric against Kosovo, which won its independence after the Balkan wars and military intervention by NATO countries in the 1990s. The Prime Minister of Serbia. Senior officials in the government in Belgrade called for "densification" in Kosovo, referring to the Russian claim that justified the invasion of Ukraine.