Jun 15, 2009
You're thoughts? also is that just gonna be Army weapon?

And sorry if this belongs more in the weapons section.
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Especially if he rumors about the new .300 ammo are true. Supposedly the A191 is out and there's a new round coming that is 220 gr and 2,900FPS- giving it a similar BC to a .338, thatswhy they stuck with 300 and not 338.

The only thing I would do differently if I had a blank check to build a gun, would be to use a winchester action over a remington, and a schmid and bender scope. The winchester 3 position safety can actually be relied upon for use as a safety, and the schmidt and bender- well, everyone knows the deal with them...
I saw what I believe is the new Leupold thay're going with. Looks great but super busy. I mean it if its what I think your basiclly looking at graph paper.
Yeah brother, it's a Horus H58 reticle. It's crazy at first glance, but once you learn how to use it- it's awesome. It's a reticle laid out in .2 mil graduations, which has several big advanages. It makes miling a target very easy, it's either on the line or between the lines, giving you .1 mil accuracy. It also eliminates the need to dial elevation since you have mil graduations in your scope, and it eliminates the guess work when holding for wind since it has graduations going off to boh sides. It's easy to see through the reticle since the lines are so fine, it's like standing close to a screen door and looking through it.
Yeah, I only got to see this is Tactical Weapons magazine. I think its pretty badass how you can lock the dials. No more losing that zero.
The marines marines need it for sure. The M40 is better than the M24, but it needs a horus reticle and .300 win mag.