ZR recon contract training

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Aug 26, 2020
I am currently a Marine awaiting training at SOI for MCT. I just graduated boot camp about a month ago, As of right now I’m currently stuck in quarantine so I’ve had time to look more into my contract and what’s expected of me.

Before leaving for bootcamp I signed a ZR recon contract. This gives me the opportunity of going home after MCT to train up to a year for BRC. I have looked into the requirements and have gotten a lot of information about the road a head but unfortunately I don’t know how to start training effectively once I get home.

I’ve looked into purchasing Nick koumalatsos’s recon prep book but I don’t know if anyone has had any success using his book. I also looked into Socomathlete on instragram and they seem to have an interesting program. I am pretty sure I was the only one with a recon contract in my entire company in bootcamp. So I haven’t been able to compare myself to anyone who’s going this route.

I know that swimming and Rucking are probably the two things I’m going to struggle with. But for the PFT I was able to do 21 pull ups, 116 crunches and for my 3 mile run I got a 19:44. Which added up to a 289. For my CFT I got a 294, I don’t remember the exacts but If anyone has any ideas of training and what kind of shape I should be in please let me know.

Thank you for your time.
Not open for further replies.