Discipline System

Site administrators and moderators reserve the right to issue warnings to its members for violating the site rules. Our warning system works in conjunction with a point system. Staff members have guidance as to what activities warrant points. If you receive a warning, you may be issued points as well. Warnings without points are not recorded in the system. If you receive a point, it will stay on your record for a short period of time (usually three to six months). The points will be expunged from the system following that period, unless you are issued another warning prior to the expiration date. It's important to note that our warning system operates on an algorithm. If you accumulate a certain number of points (we don't divulge the details to avoid gaming the system) and then continue to accrue points, you will be banned from the forum for a week. If you return after your ban to continue to violate the rules you will be banned for an even longer duration or permanently. Our staff members have been instructed to use points sparingly. Staff members also have the ability to ban members from threads. If you do not heed a warning you could be banned from a thread for a few days or permanently. If you would like to challenge the warning or ban, use the "contact us" button on the site or send a message to @ShadowSpear.

If you see a public warning in a post, please do not address the violation further. The following notice means that a staff member has seen the violation and has contacted the individual via PM.