Vetting Process

On this site, as in the Special Operations community itself, legitimacy, integrity, and credibility are paramount. We strive to keep information flowing in our community that is accurate and informative, and routinely moderate out hearsay, gossip, and misinformation. We also vigorously scrutinize members’ claimed credentials and remove users from our site who make false claims about their service and/or special qualifications.

In order to ensure the long-term legitimacy, integrity, and credibility of the site we have established a vetting process. This process is NOT mandatory, but is strongly recommended for individuals with military service. Why get vetted? After you pass through the vetting process, your credentials will no longer be in question and what you post on certain topics will likely hold more weight. Vetted members are also eligible for nomination/entry into specific private forums, into which non-vetted folks have absolutely no chance of being admitted. Unverified members do not have access to all the privileges and features that vetted members have.

Staff members are in charge of vetting, as well as the protection and subsequent destruction of the information you provide. Any information you provide is used for vetting purposes only, and will not be shared with others. The vetting process can be initiated by clicking the navigating to the Help Desk and opening a vetting ticket.

If you have any reservations about the process, don't request vetting. As previously stated, vetting is not mandatory on ShadowSpear, but if you are not vetted you will not be allowed to claim expertise or have access to otherwise restricted areas of the board. We will only vet military members who have arrived at their first duty station, meaning we will not vet a new military member who just graduated from bootcamp. The vetting process is straight forward. You are welcome to contact vetted site members if you have any questions regarding the process. Here are some examples of resources you can use to get vetted:
  • DD-214/Discharge Papers (black out your social security number!)
  • AARTS/SMARTS/military education transcript
  • Email to a staff member from an official .mil email account
  • Official military orders
  • ERB/ORB (US service members)
  • A current vetted ShadowSpear member willing to vouch for you (you must have served with the individual)
Don't have any military records? You're in luck. Visit: VETRECS. The process is relatively quick and free.

We need your full name to complete our checks, but remember to black out your social security number! Please note that US Military members MUST NOT submit copies/photos of their CAC/ID card. This is a violation of official DoD policy!

To fill out the vetting form simply open a ticket in the Help Desk, or simply click here!