1. jstone37fox


    Hey guys, Im jstone and I have completed all the preliminary qualifications for 37F (PSYOPS) and am awaiting a ship date. I scored a 100 on the DLAB, a 90 on the ASVAB, and just graduated with my bachelors degree which should put me at an E-4 at basic. The interest for joining this community is...
  2. C

    Marine to 18x? Is it possible?

    Hi. This is my first post. Here goes my question: Can I enlist in the army with an 18x straight out of 4 years in USMC? I'm about to sign a 0531 contract, but I'm hoping to later be able to enlist in the army with an 18x or at least an 11x opt. 40. I'm asking this mainly due to the fact that...
  3. L

    Mid 20s 18x College Grad

    Hi Everyone, I'll keep this brief and will designate my questions to the proper areas. I'm a mid-20s college grad who is strongly considering going 18x (have met with a local recruiter, scored 100% on a practice ASVAB, etc.). I have a finance degree but am not interested in a life down that...