Marine to 18x? Is it possible?


Oct 15, 2020
Hi. This is my first post. Here goes my question:

Can I enlist in the army with an 18x straight out of 4 years in USMC?

I'm about to sign a 0531 contract, but I'm hoping to later be able to enlist in the army with an 18x or at least an 11x opt. 40.

I'm asking this mainly due to the fact that I will be inactive ready reserve for at least 4 years after I'm done (according to the contract), so I thought that maybe there would be issues there.

Thanks in advanced for any advice.

P.S: I decided to go first in the Marine Corps since my dad was a grunt, and I know that if I can't handle USMC, there is no way I'll be able to handle SF or the 75th.