marine raiders

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    .Aviator to MARSOC

    I'm currently getting a Computer Science degree from a school that's 1 tier below an Ivy League and am looking to start USMC PLC for 6 weeks this summer on an aviation contract (just awaiting some medical clearances). Now, I know this question is a long ways down the road, however, how realistic...
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    What were the hardest parts of A&S and ITC for you?

    If I'm not mistaken, A&S is the selection process for ITC. I know some of this information may be classified.
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    .Best Officer MOS for future MARSOC/FORECON

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, so I may be unaware of some rules (spoken or otherwise) so bear with me, please. I hope to attend the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland after graduating from high school and join the Marine Corps, after this, I was considering joining either the...
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    Hello everyone, I have been on the site since I joined the Marines in 2016 and decided to make an account today, I am currently a Corporal and am looking to either go recon or try my luck at MARSOC A&S, 296 pft 294 cft, tier 1 Marine, black belt, went to the hitt championship this year, and...
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    .Quick Question (paging any Recruiters)

    Hey guys, So I’m meeting with a Marine Recruiter on Monday to get all my paperwork going to possibly begin my life as a Marine serving in the reserves until I finish school, then can hopefully have an easy process switching over to active. I love the idea of being a Marine. I would also like to...
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    .Questions about Marine Raiders (MARSOC)

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening to those currently taking the time to read my post. For myself I am very intrigued by the Marine Raiders (MARSOC), and I want to know the "best way," to get into the pipeline, and have a better understanding. From what I've read in the past is that you need to...