1. BlackSmokeRisinG

    Study Recommends Marine Recruits Stop Using Sir or Ma'am

    Searched and couldn't find this already. I don't like to post about other service's business but this blows my mind!! Wow! How far we've fallen... Marines Commissioned Study Results in Recommendation to Stop Using "Sir or Ma'm" Due to Misgendering Superiors
  2. D

    Will the Marine Corps become the smartest US military branch? (Article)

    I was reading through this forum thread from last year: Call to Recruit Infantry as Elite Branch which has some really interesting discussion to read through. A few minutes later I came across this article: Will the Marine Corps become the Smartest US military branch? I'm curious to hear the...
  3. J


    Hey guys, After many months of lurking through a laundry list fo threads, I figured it was about time to make an account and join the community. I'm 22, enlisted in the Marines as a radio guy right out of HS like so many of you. Got sent to the Pacific and did work with Artillery, as well as a...
  4. ScoutTyper

    A Brief Intro

    Good evening ladies and gents, I'm currently on active duty in the Marine Corps as a 5974. For those that don't know what 5974s do, we are basically the comm dogs of the Air Wing (along with Comm Squadron) and our skills are most akin to IT guys in the civilian sector. I am on ShadowSpear...
  5. goodvibes33

    Mexican Navy/Marines SOF

    Hi guys this is my latest Mexican SOF post and this time I will take about the Mexican Navy UNOPES (Unidad de Operaciones Especiales) which is the Mexican counterpart of the NSW/MARSOC commands. UNOPES has the next units: -FES (Special Forces) -Comandos de Infantería de Marina (Marines...
  6. K


    Good evening all, I am a recent college graduate from New Jersey. I am planning on moving to Hawaii in the very near future and I am dead set on joining the reserves while in Hawaii. I am currently torn between the Army reserves and the Marine Corps reserves. From what I was able to find online...
  7. S

    .Questions about Marine Raiders (MARSOC)

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening to those currently taking the time to read my post. For myself I am very intrigued by the Marine Raiders (MARSOC), and I want to know the "best way," to get into the pipeline, and have a better understanding. From what I've read in the past is that you need to...
  8. S


    Good morning, afternoon, evening to everyone on this forum. I've been researching Special Operations for quite some time now, and have read/heard things about it, but as always, "never believe what you read on the internet." Hopefully by being on this site I can get solid facts about the career...
  9. FacFortia

    Open Letter of Gratitude to SS Members

    Dear members of ShadowSpear, Yesterday I received a phone call from my recruiter informing me that operations section had approved my request to move my ship date forward to April and my job request for RECON. Words cannot describe how ecstatic I feel and my excitement to truly begin my...
  10. FacFortia

    USMC DEP/Recruiting Issue

    Members of SS, Recently, I've been having issues with my recruiter. He is well aware of my aspirations to attend BRPC/BRC and become a Recon Marine. For a while, he told me that there were Recon slots open for June 2017 (my original ship date), but a few months ago, he reneged that and told me...
  11. Stelthy


    Greetings to all I made my decision this year to join the Marines. joining has always been a thought, but now it's a goal being development for Marine Corps. I have been working out as best I can but I like it's not Enough. For the past couple of months trying to get as much information on...
  12. bcrimz47

    ..There a need for FMF Corpsman and SARCs?

    HI everyone, I just joined the site yesterday but have been on here watching for awhile. My question is pretty much stated in the title : Is there a need/openings for FMF corpsman and SARCs right now? I ask this question because since I met who is now my good friend at school I want to be a FMF...
  13. ACartagena

    New Member Introduction

    I am a 20 year old Marine at a reserve unit. I intend on going active duty as soon as I finish my business degree in two years. I enlisted in the Marine Corps because I want to be in a position where I can protect those I care about and our way of life. I'm not satisfied with where I'm at and...