1. B

    Older Civilian w/Army SF Aspirations Introduction

    Howdy all, TL/DR: I'm a 31 year old civilian with aspirations of earning an 18X contract. I've been in corporate health and wellness for almost 7 years now. I've been a telephonic health coach, onsite coach coordinator, and wellness coordinator. I'm currently a specialty health coach, I...
  2. T


    Hello, I am currently a freshman in college waiting to finish so I can get into naval spec ops (EOD).
  3. Rogueyellow

    Joining soon. MOS thoughts?

    I’m in the process of joining and I have an idea of what I wanna do but I’d love to have some input from some people that have more experience than I do. I won’t say what I’m interested in yet to keep it unbiased, but I don’t really wanna be a desk jockey... That being said what are some MOSs...
  4. Andy Pacino

    Intro to me

    Hi chaps and chapesses, It's great to be aboard the group and I hope I can contribute to the forum and gain lots of knowledge from you all. I'm an educational consultant, a writer and I've done a bit of TV work commenting on a couple of skirmishes. I've also been known to pick up brushes and...
  5. T

    hey guys.

    my name is charlie. i am 50 yrs old and on ss disability. i tried to get into the military about 3.5 decades ago , but was medically blackballed. one of the reasons i signed up here is because i want to try to learn first hand from YOU guys about survival tactics. kits, how to, etc. so if...
  6. S


    Hello, I have no military experience. I'm currently a freshman in college and a midshipmen in NROTC. I've been training with a desire to pursue a career in SOF for about 2 years now. I joined here to see if I could glean some advice about SOF, MARSOC and SEAL particularly. I'm currently a...