ranger regiment

  1. J

    Issues with option 40 with COVID

    Hello everyone, I couldn’t find anything that covered this recently so I decided to ask. I’m having issues with getting an option 40. I brought my dad to the recruiters office when I went because he would just give em the killer eyes and that basically told the recruiter to skip the theatrics...
  2. T

    USMC Infantry Officer Service Transfer to Ranger Regt

    I’m an active duty Marine infantry officer interested in a service transfer to Ranger Regt or SF. 11-years TIS and post company command. I have another 1.5 years on station at my current command. I think the USMC is headed in the right direction with an emphasis on Naval integration but I...
  3. J

    Need some assistance

    Hello Everyone, I am really at a crossroads in my life and need some guidance. Ever since I was a child it has been my desire to become a Green Beret. Unfortunately, I faced some very strenuous adversity at a young age. I was diagnosed as a child (back when almost all kids were) with...
  4. RoyAR

    Importance of MOS selection if I don’t go 18X

    Hello everyone, I’m new to the forums, but have been browsing for a few months. I did do a search but thought it would still be helpful if I started a thread about my particular situation. I haven’t enlisted yet because I’m currently waiting on a waiver for LASIK. I’ve expressed my desire to...
  5. D

    Intro Piece

    Hello all, I recently graduated with my undergraduate degree and have been lurking on multiple SOF sites, forums, and whatnot for the past year or so. I have decided, after what I consider to be a decent amount of research and a lot of introspection, SOF is a goal worth striving for. I am...