1. R

    Civil Affairs / 38B / CAAS / CAQC / SERE / Gryphon Group

    I made a few episodes on Civil Affairs and also how medics are utilized. If enough people are interested, I'll do an "Is Civil Affairs Worth It?" video. In this I will outline my deployments, TDYs and training. I still have videos up and coming on SERE and Gryphon Group. Here are some of the...
  2. J

    18X Special Forces Pipeline Explained through SFAS - General Breakdown/Tips/Advice

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  3. jstone37fox


    Hey guys, Im jstone and I have completed all the preliminary qualifications for 37F (PSYOPS) and am awaiting a ship date. I scored a 100 on the DLAB, a 90 on the ASVAB, and just graduated with my bachelors degree which should put me at an E-4 at basic. The interest for joining this community is...
  4. S


    Hello everyone, I have been on the site since I joined the Marines in 2016 and decided to make an account today, I am currently a Corporal and am looking to either go recon or try my luck at MARSOC A&S, 296 pft 294 cft, tier 1 Marine, black belt, went to the hitt championship this year, and...
  5. WhiteWolf

    Marsoc assessment and selection workout partner

    Good day motivators, please remove if not allowed. I am currently in search of like minded individuals in the Camp Pendleton area to train for a&s. Thanks for any input, have a good one.
  6. M

    Non-Aviation Officer Applicant

    Evening folks, Just joined the community after many Google searches pointed me back here. I've not been able to actually pick someone's brain who's been in SOAR (except the recruiter) so here I am. I've just been accepted to the Electronic Warfare functional area. I'll attend the EW Transition...
  7. TheKicker

    Delta Rigor?

    Howdy SS, Just out of curiosity, how rigorous is Delta selection (if anyone knows or has first hand experience)? Out of all the guys who try out from the Rangers, SF, etc, what do you think the pass rate is? I have heard anywhere from 5-20% of the best soldiers we have make it to Delta...
  8. L

    Intro: Attending A&S in April MARSOC

    Hey gents. Names Jordan , joined the corps at 18 right after high school. Went to boot sept 2013. Been in the fleet as an 0811/0814 since April 2014. Stationed in camp Pendleton. So I'm attending assessment and selection in April of 2015. I've been waiting for my shot to get into the Spec op...