1. Sentinel

    Mandatory Introduction (USAF)

    Good evening, This site is really helpful, I have already gained a lot of useful information on here. Thank you to everyone to who contributes and sacrifices their time. I'm currently a Security Forces E-5 AGR in the Air National Guard. I signed a six year contract when I was 17 and now have...
  2. Chase F

    Breathing while finning (lead arm/trailing arm)

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some advice from those with experience, preferably those in the USAF side who perform the leading arm trailing arm technique while finning. I've browsed through multiple threads covering finning in general, from MARSOC to SF, but have never seen anything covering...
  3. H


    Hello ShadowSpear Network! I am a 20 y.o. college student, very pleased to be here. My goal upon graduation from college is to enlist in USAF Pararescue. I've been training for about 18 months now. Current PAST Scores: 74 Pushups 15 Pullups 72 Situps 9:20min / 1.5mi run 9:30min / 500m swim...
  4. D

    AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations)

    I realize that the Air Force's investigative unit is not technically considered "special operations," but their mission set and purpose is very unique to the service. There is limited information available (probably for good reason), with the AF webpage, this article, and various Reddit threads...
  5. J

    SOWT mentor

    I was wondering if there is a mentor group that sowt follows under or a sowt willing to give advice/information on job. Thank you for your help in advance. V/R Jerry
  6. Yosemite


    Hello all, My name is Nick. I am currently in the USAF stationed at Beale AFB, CA as a 1N151A Geospatial Intelligence Analyst. I have been active duty for 2.5 years, am an E-4, and plan on reenlisting at my 6 year mark. Okay so here's what brought me here: I come from a military...
  7. wildmangodby


    Integrity first, Service before Self, Excellence in All We Do. Thanks ShadowSpear for producing this awesome site. I swore in to the USAF August 26, 2015. Qualified for TACP and I ship out January 12, 2016 Seeking wise council is a top priority for me as a being. Im young and I have a lot to...