Mandatory Introduction (USAF)


Mar 20, 2020
Good evening,

This site is really helpful, I have already gained a lot of useful information on here. Thank you to everyone to who contributes and sacrifices their time.
I'm currently a Security Forces E-5 AGR in the Air National Guard. I signed a six year contract when I was 17 and now have one year left to go. I joined ShadowSpear to obtain information about special warfare career fields (mainly TACP) from the source. There is already a lot of information out there about preparing for selection, but I'm more interested in learning more about the job itself and life after selection. It is really important to me because having meaning, fulfillment, and just overall job satisfaction is something I have not had with my job in the past five years. I'd really appreciate anyone in the USAF special warfare community who is willing to direct message and share some of their experiences (respecting OPSEC of course). Lastly, I'm also looking to make connections downrange if anyone else on here is at the same location.

Thank you!