1. J

    TACPs Role in the Future

    Greetings, gentlemen. I'll cut straight to the chase. On a several year old thread on ArmyRanger.com (not sure if I'm allowed to link it), a TACP raised some concerns he had over the future of the TACP career field. He stated that with technological advancements, TACPs are moving more towards...
  2. Sentinel

    Mandatory Introduction (USAF)

    Good evening, This site is really helpful, I have already gained a lot of useful information on here. Thank you to everyone to who contributes and sacrifices their time. I'm currently a Security Forces E-5 AGR in the Air National Guard. I signed a six year contract when I was 17 and now have...
  3. Jonnyboy


    I am currently a active duty marine and I’m trying to transition to the AF and be a Tacp. I understand I have to do my full enlistment before I can be eligible. While me being active duty, would I have to EAS before a recruiter can even start any paper work on me. Any information from anyone who...
  4. MoProblems

    ANG TACP & Civilian Job/Schooling

    All, Obviously nice and green here- appreciate the welcome. I have a question which I hope you all may be able to shed some light upon. I was unable to find this on any thread here, and I am currently waiting on approval from romad.com. My apologies if this is a repeat. In my consideration...
  5. P

    TACP questions:

    I'm 19 and currently in the process of enlisting, I talked to my recruiter about doing TACP and I was just wondering if someone could shed some light on the training? I've done a lot of research but was curious to hear from the perspective of the members on here. I haven't been to MEPs yet but...
  6. Rodgers12

    Retraining into TACP

    I am an active duty E-5 with just over 9 years in. I will be within 12 months of my DEROS in Feb 2018. However, the base I will be at when that window hits will not have the medical facilities required to perform a flight physical. I have a few initial questions: 1. Is there any way to find out...
  7. Rodgers12


    Hello, I am an Active Duty E-5 in the Air Force. I will be eligible to retrain in February 2018 when my DEROS is less than 12 months. I would like to join the TACP career field. I am on here to hopefully find some good information on what the best/most expeditious route for me to get into that...
  8. raool


    Greetings all! I'm currently AD stationed at RAF Lakenheath and came across this site while searching for some information on becoming a guard TACP. My current plan is to palace front after I'm done with my tour here and crosstrain into the AFSC. No specific questions at the moment so I'm just...
  9. U

    Palace Chasing into ANG (TACP)

    I'm going to try and make this short/concise. I am currently AD and will be eligible to palace chase into the ANG come January 2017. My intentions are to cross-train into TACP. As of now I'm interested in going to the 165th in Savannah, GA or the 147th in Houston, TX. But honestly I will go...
  10. WYOcarl


    Hello! My name is Carl. I was born and raised in the great state of Wyoming. I enlisted into the Air Force in 2013. I'm currently 3+ years into the USAF working as a jet engine mechanic on the C5M (big cargo jet, always broken) I have plans to separate and transition into the Washington Air...
  11. I

    General PAST scores

    Goodevening. This is my first post outside of my introduction. I've always been curious to candidates personal PAST scores during selection and then at the end of your pipeline. Feel free to post anything that you'd like to say about your experience while at the schoolhouse. (Any special...
  12. K

    TACP and my current contract

    Hello, first of all, thank you to anyone who responds to this with any advice be it positive or negative. It means a lot. I am currently scheduled to leave for basic in 5 days under a mechanical aptitude contract. I took the PAST test for TACP on the 4th and passed everything but the sit ups (...
  13. wildmangodby


    Integrity first, Service before Self, Excellence in All We Do. Thanks ShadowSpear for producing this awesome site. I swore in to the USAF August 26, 2015. Qualified for TACP and I ship out January 12, 2016 Seeking wise council is a top priority for me as a being. Im young and I have a lot to...
  14. EricB.

    What are the requirements for TACP?

    As said in title. I wanna know the requirements so I can get ready for it while im still in high school. Im willing to push myself to be one of them. Anything will help! Thanks!
  15. EricB.


    Hello , My name is Eric and as of right now I am 16 and a junior in high school wanting to join the Air Force. Im here because I want to get some advice from people who are in the Air Force and what im getting myself into. Im in our schools AFJROTC program, and have been in it for all of my...
  16. D


    Hello Shadowspear, Dom here, short about me I am active duty Air Force, been in for a little over 3.5 years. I am a F-35 crew chief, was F-15's from the start. I was also on the 2014 All Air Force Boxing team, which was pretty cool. Really big into bodybuilding and fitness, been boxing for the...
  17. A


    Hey guys sorry I joined on my phone and did not see that I had to make an introduction! Well my name is Andrew, and I am really interested in joining the Air Force. But I'm stuck between two jobs, and one of them being outside the Air Force and in the Army the 75 Ranger Regiment. I am in the...