15th Psyop Ft. Thomas Kentucky


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Feb 1, 2009
Mid South
Al Con,

I'm interested in coming back part-time and would like to go the Psyop route. Specifically the 15th Psyop in Ft. Thomas, KY Army Reserve. My prior MOS was 21B and I have an RE-3 due to an injury. I'm 99% done with MEPS but my Guard recruiter who I was working with told me that NGB isn't doing any Med Waivers? Does anyone have any POC's for this unit to find out if there are any E-4/E-5 slots available?

Thank you
Down the road from me.....Where you at?

Lexington, Kentucky. Working at BGAD as a DA Guard. The Chemical area got hit by that F3 Tornado. You should have seen the "Oh Shit faces" on people as this black, ugly twister went right through the igloos where VX, sarin, and Mustard are kept. Good times.........:eek: http://www.kentucky.com/181/story/792481.html
Just got back from the recruiter and I'm to get an interview in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to get back in the game. It's been a long 8 years.....