17 years ago - Battle for Mogadishu


running up that hill
Jan 3, 2007
in Wonderland, with my Alice
When the roll was called that morning,
We listened for their names;
We paused in solemn silence,
For each it was the same.

None answered to the roll call,
Each one had passed away;
We felt the pain and the anguish,
On that sad and mournful day.

Each of us who knew them,
Knew it was not their last fight;
For God will take them home,
With him, they'll make their last flight.

Only those who fought with them,
On their final day;
Know what heroes they really were,
Yes heroes, we all will say.

For each of them was more concerned,
With the welfare of others;
This selfless love they possessed,
Makes us a band of brothers.

There was no hesitation,
With bullets round them flying;
They came to help their buddies,
For they knew others were dying.

Yes these men were heroes,
What each Warrior wants to be;
But these were special ones,
For they were Night Stalkers, you see.

So when their story is told,
Everyone will then admit;
It's more than just a motto;
"Night Stalkers Don't Quit!"​

Col. Jerry Boykin
Mogadishu, Somalia
In honor of fallen Night Stalkers
3 Oct 93
RIP Heroes. Sorry to all of you who knew the fallen personally...