1stSgt John Bernard, USMC retired


Jun 7, 2012

I served in the United States Marine Corps, both Active and Reserve from April 1972 - January 2003 with a 5 year break. During that time I served in the Infantry holding MOS's, 0311, 0369, 8541, 3043, 9999.

I served in STA just prior to, during and after Desert Storm for a period of three years as a Sniper and Platoon Sergeant. I also fired High Power Rifle and Small Bore Pistol, representing The Basic School, Quantico, VA.

In addition to my assigned duties, I served as an Instructor for Extreme Cold Weather, High Altitute Ops, Survival, Land Navigation, Leadership and Marksmanship/Exterior Ballistics.

Currently, I run a millwork business in Maine and write on COIN doctrine and Islam (as it affects operational decisionmaking) at www.letthemfight.blogspot.com .

My only Son joined the Corps in December of 2006 and upon completion of Basic and SOI, was assigned to Third Marines. He deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan where he was killed in action on 14 August 2009 during an operation in Now Zad, clearing the village of Dahaneh.
Welcome to the forum and sorry for the loss of your Son.. RIP.
Welcome aboard 1st SGT.

Thank you for your service.

My sincerest condolences for the loss of your son.
Welcome to the site. May your Warrior son Rest In Peace.

Thank you both for your service.
Thanks to all of you for the kind words! He was a great young man, a very loving Son and humble, dedicated example of personal honor for the Corps. He is missed by all who knew him...none more than me.
Sincere gratitude for your son's and your service and sympathy for your loss.
I read a piece about you in The American Thinker. That was when I learned what "irrefragable" meant.
Welcome to SS Marine. Thank you for your service. My deepest respect to you and your family for the sacrifice of your son in the service of our nation.