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Oct 5, 2019
Hey everyone, I am 24 and new to the forum. I am not in the military yet, but I am currently studying for the ASVAB and trying to enlist with the Air Force (active duty). But I have kind of a medical hurdle, and upon researching my issue I came across a 3 year old thread from this website Is there anyway around Hypothyroidism(controlled) My medical issue is a possible thyroid problem; I am not sure what though. My clinic just gave me my lab results and sent me on my way. My TSH level is 5.37 which is higher than normal, however my T3 is normal as well as my T4 level. I don't want to self diagnose though, and my recruiter asked for more medical records, so I am going back to the clinic on Oct 24th to go over my lab results. However, my boyfriend went over my labs with me and he suspects I may have hypothyroidism; which would explain my random fatigue and why I'm cold in nice 70 degree weather. I'm currently trying to get my thyroid level down to normal naturally using iodine supplements.

I let my recruiter know that it may be hypothyroidism and he said he isn't sure if it's a DQ or not, he said it would be up to the doc at MEPS, and if it is, he'll push for a medical waiver. I texted another recruiter who does recruiting for the area I'm in, and she said she does not normally see recruits with hypothyroidism approved. Which scared me of course... My boyfriend asked a former army recruiter about it and he said if I tell my recruiter about my thyroid, then MEPS won't approve me... which scared me even more. I went to reddit- got conflicting information, some say they got in since their hypo is controlled with medication, others say "no you won't get in". Then I came across the old thread and it has given me some hope. I understand it may take some time for myself to be cleared through MEPS but it is totally worth it. My dad served 24 years in the Air Force, he made it his career, and I want to do the same for myself. I won't let my thyroid stop me.

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Jul 7, 2016
Welcome to the site. Good on you for talking to multiple recruiters for a second opinion and heading to get professional advice on your situation. I hope it all works out for you.