3 October


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Sep 13, 2006
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I know it's a tad early...but I just saw this video and thought the simplicity of the tribute was truly touching.

RIP Warriors one and all, we shall never forget you or your sacrifices.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4Oowxq3NBU"]YouTube - Black Hawk Down - A tribute to KIA[/ame]
Great video. Other than Shughart and Gordon, I have not seen any photos of the KIAs before. The "Black Hawk Down" is a good book. Those guys were brave and did well despite the odds. Great testament to the fighting qualities of SOF and their supporters. But please remember also the Malaysians and Pakistanis in the relief force. The Malaysians had 1 killed and 7 injured. Pakistanis: 2 injured.
Athens has lost its youth and the Spring has gone out of the year.
One cannot see these fallen heroes now, neither can one see the gods.
But from the honours which they receive, and the blessing they bestow,
we know that they are immortal.

Excellent post, Gypsy!

Just giving this a bump, as it's now Oct 3, 15 years later.

Rest well, gentlemen.
15 years....seems so long ago and just like yesterday. God made men like you to stand up for others that cannot or could not stand up for themselves. Your sacrifices were not in vain, nor will they ever be forgotten.

May all the warriors that died that day rest easy.

Those men were ridiculously outnumbered in a hostile city for a whole day and you know what? They kicked some serious ass that day. The actions of those soldiers in Mogadishu speaks volumes about the quality of personnel that have served and serve in the US Armed Forces.

Once again, rest easy warriors.
There's a conference room in the basement of USASOC HQ that used to be called "The Top Secret conference room" - multi-media, cleared for weird, etc.....

While I was assigned there, they put protraits on the walls of that room of every SF NCO who has received the Medal of Honor. When they hung the portrait portraying Gordon and Shughart's "last stand," they officially re-named it "The NCO Conference Room."

Never forget.
Gary, Randy - it was an honor knowing you both, I am humbled by your sacrifices, and those of the other men that gave all or part on that day. Not a day goes by that I don't think about what you guys did, or say a quiet prayer, knowing that you passed on a great legacy to all SF soldiers and Rangers through your deeds and integrity.

De Oppresso Liber, Brothers. Blue Skies, and Thank You.