A day at the range

Cabbage Head

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May 23, 2007
Illinois, SW of Chicago
A little late in posting. Training day in Oct. Was a great day to be at the range. Sunny in the 70's. Fired cold bore and follow up shots then, cool down on the rifles.

Just got to love a spread of 3 AIAE's. The other guy could not be there.

When its time to cool down the rifles there are some quary pits to fish in. I dont fish, the other guys do. Havent even tried in years. Figures that the only thing that I can catch is some type of green shit.

Cold bore was where it needed to be for LE work. Follow up shots were even better. Limited to only 100 yards, this day.

Accuracy International makes one hell of a rifle!


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Sorry, here is the specs.

"The Accuracy International AE series

Made to the same standards as the tactical rifles, the Accuracy International AE series is designed for Law enforcement where full military specification is of no benefit.


Caliber .308 Win (7.62 x 51 NATO)
Barrel length 24 inches
Barrel twist 1 in 12
Magazine capacity 5 shot
Weight 13 lb 4 oz / 6 kg
Overall Length 44 ins / 112 cm
Normal maximum range 660 yds / 600 m
Color Blackor Green stocksides

Full length aluminum chassis system

Totally unaffected by climate changes
Allows the user to apply a firm grip
Any fixed object can act as a rest without transferring unwanted forces to the action

Molded stock sides

Secure and comfortable grip in all conditions
Impervious to solvents and cleaners

Vee block chassis mounting system

Positive action / body location without introducing distorting forces

Heavy match grade free-floating barrel

Locates into the action body with a 1’ threaded spigot – a rigid assembly for maximum accuracy

Machined wrought steel action body

Maximum rigidity of the optics mount
Minimal “offset” error – optics sight line is as close as possible to the barrel bore
Mil-Std 1913 rail

Gas shroud & vents / tight fitting enclosed bolt

Maximum user protection in a “blowback”

Ultra-secure safety mechanism

Draws back and blocks the firing pin for maximum security

Two Stage Trigger

Fully adjustable from 3.3-4.4lb
Minimizes the possibility of an accidental discharge if jolted

Simple cleaning and maintenance

All critical parts designed for field cleaning without tools
Fully field maintenance by armorer trained to normal levels."

Scope is a Leupold 4.5-14x50 Mark 4 LR/T 30mm Riflescope with illuminated mil-dot reticle. At least mine is. The other 3 are duplex reticle's. Not that they would know what do do with a mil-dot or what one is.

The best part of all this is that my boss gave me the green light on the purchase of these rifles. Whatever I wanted. Also added Harris swivel bipods. Will be adding a pod-lock to each of them them this year.
what ammo are you guys using?

Some barrels after a decent amount of rounds down the bore can actually exhibit almost nill wet bore shift. My old m24 only shifted about 1/4moa and was grouping about 1/4moa. The most accurate sniper rifle ive used to date.
Nice rifles--understatement. I'd like to get my hands on the AI AWSM 338 Lapua...but haven't found any buyers for the children yet.