Afgh. Commando Kills Special Forces Soldier


Verified Military
Aug 14, 2007

1 in 5 friendly KIA's are attributable to ANA traitors.

An American special forces soldier was killed this week by a US-trained Afghan commando, during a joint night raid operation. One-fifth of all NATO losses in 2012 are by Afghan troops.

The latest killing of a US soldier at the hands of an Afghan counterpart – this time of a US Special Operations Forces soldier by a US-trained Afghan commando – raises anew concerns about America’s ability to build a credible Afghan security force before 2014, when US combat forces are scheduled to leave the country.

In total, so-called green-on-blue killings now account for 20 percent of the 84 NATO casualties in 2012.

The fatal shooting during a joint night raid Thursday marks the first killing of a US Special Forces operative by one of the elite, highly trained Afghan commandos, who are meant to be more carefully vetted than their conventional force counterparts. Largely as a result, the commandos have been widely praised by US forces for their competence.

In this latest case, US forces shot and killed the Afghan commando perpetrator. Another Afghan commando and an interpreter were killed in the crossfire. The incident occurred in the violent Kandahar Province in southern Afghanistan.

As much as I am humbled by the difficulty of the SF mission, it seems the ANA are hell-bent on making the case for why they should be nuked instead.
RIP warrior. Hit close to home as this SF soldier lived very close to where I grew up. I read about it a couple of days ago on the local newspaper's website. I haven't seen his name announced publicly anywhere other than that newspaper.
RIP. Condolences to family and friends...

This shit just pisses me off.
We were warned 2 days ago that 40% of the locals working on base are either insurgents or supporters of insurgents.