Am I disqualified from Spec Ops?


Feb 25, 2020
Hello, I’m interested in enlisting in the military, and if someone could guide me I would appreciate it greatly. I called my recruiter today and made a basic introduction and will be meeting with him this week. I will need a moral waiver to enlist. To give some background info, I was a bit of a fuck up from the ages of 18-21 (I’m 26 now). I have a misdemeanor arrest on my record from when I was 18 ( I got caught with 2 pills and a empty weed grinder). From there my arrest record is clean, but I ran with them wannabe thugs who partied and did drugs and for some reason I thought that was smart. I did some voluntary drug programs and cleaned my shit up. I moved states, learned a trade, and had a son 2 years ago. I feel accomplished, but I’m really drawn to this spec ops community and its been a whisper in my ear turning into a scream as the years move on. Does my past disqualify me from trying? Even if I have to go into a conventional combat mos and prove myself I’m ok with earning my shot, I guess I just wanna see if that hand is even in my deck of cards. Hope I didn’t put you to sleep, I appreciate any input. Thanks again
I was a recruiter for about a minute many years ago. I don't know what the current regs are but your recruiter will know. I just know most things can be waivered providing there is not a major history of being a dumbass. I'm not sure now if a misdemeanor drug offense will affect a security clearance though and depending on the MOS you select that may be what holds you back.

Like I said your recruiter will be able to answer those questions and the main thing right now is getting your foot in the door. Reclassing has always been easier than what they put you through in the initial recruiting process.

I wish you luck in your endeavor.
Just to throw in a bit of advice as someone currently going through the enlistment process. I had an alcohol charge a decade ago that was not only dismissed but expunged. Army can still see the charge and will not issue me any jobs that require security clearance.

Obviously, I'm fighting it hard with recommendations etc... , but just wanted to give you that bit of how things seem to be right now. Things seem to be tight and tough.

Good luck man.
When enlisting at 27 for my current at MOS I was told no because of a loitering charge when I was 19. I had served on active duty for 4 years, had a clearance, and hadn’t been in any trouble prior or after that, and was still denied. I had to jump through hoops, including talking to the branch commander for psyop, but it was approved. Moral of the story, find a good recruiter willing to work with you, don’t give up. Good luck.